Collection: The Nail Snail®

When it comes to caring for your precious child's nails, having the right tool is a must! The Nail Snail® is safer & easier to use for baby nail cutting. The Nail Snail® lets you trim your child's nails accurately & with confidence, reducing stress for the both of you. Simple, effective & safer, the Nail Snail® makes trimming tiny nails a breeze. This multi-purpose design offers complete fingernail and toenail care for your young child (recommended age- newborn to five years). The fun snail shape and noiseless cutting edge means your child won't mind having their nails trimmed. The Nail Snail® is designed to provide greater control and accuracy for easier, safer & faster nail cutting. You'll be so glad you found it.

The Nail Snail® Safer- Easier- Faster

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The Nail Snail in action