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The Brushies concept was born from the collaboration of two moms - a family dentist and a psychologist - who recognized the need for a more enjoyable approach to developing healthy dental care routines for babies and small children.

Embark on exciting sugar-busting adventures with The Brushies characters, Chomps, Willa, MoMo, and Pinkey and transform the challenging and often dreaded routine of teeth brushing into an engaging, interactive, and educational experience for you and your little ones. Designed to be gentle on tiny mouths yet big on imaginations, The Brushies serve as an excellent introduction to dental care. Suitable from 4 weeks to 4 years.

The Brushies are loved by paediatric dentists, parents and kids!

Make teeth brushing fun!

Dental Care by Stage


Even before teeth come in, babies’ mouths deserve dental attention. While bonding with baby, parents can use a Brushie to gently scrub gums and tongue twice a day.


Starting early with Brushie helps kids get comfortable with the brushing process and new oral sensations

Once teeth are in, you can use a very thin smear of toothpaste. Consult with your dentist or doctor regarding the use of fluoride toothpaste and look for ones that are safe to swallow.


When teeth come in, the fronts and backs of all teeth, and the crevices between them, should be scrubbed with a Brushie, angling toward the gumline to attack plaque. (Kids may want to try brushing their own teeth – which is great! Encourage them try, but always follow-up after with 2 minutes of quality brushing.)

Starting around age 2 or 3, use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste when brushing your child’s teeth. (Make sure they spit it out after brushing!)

Always brush twice a day and for two minutes at a time.

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