Minimonkey Sling

The smallest and lightest baby carrier in the world This baby carrier... 

The Brushies

The Brushies concept was born from the collaboration of two moms -... 

About WonderBubz

WONDERBUBZ, an Irish company, was born from the vision of a busy mum raising two active and curious kids. Our mission is make parenting easier by providing a selection of innovative products that address parents’ needs, enabling safer, more rewarding experiences and creating cherished memories with their young families.

Reflecting on my own journey as a first-time mum, I've realised the considerable amount of time, effort, and money I invested in a multitude of products that, for various reasons, fell short of my needs. This revelation ignited the creation of Wonderbubz, driven by a mission to research and curate a range of innovative, thoroughly tested products not yet available in the Irish, UK, or European markets.

Our products deliver on their promises, ensuring they won't disappoint and allowing you to savour more precious moments in your parenting journey!