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Sensory Rattle Toy Set- Cow Dog

Sensory Rattle Toy Set- Cow Dog

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Spark your little one’s imagination and shape their development with these wonderfully bright Sock and Wrist rattle sets. Each set includes 2 friendly animal socks and 2 matching wrist bands.

This early education rattle set provides stimulation for the senses-
Auditory- rattles and crinkly material within the socks and wristbands.
Visual- Bright and contrasting primary colours with bold designs and happy animal faces
Tactile- a range of textures with soft ribbons and crinkly material
Playing with these encourages baby to reach, push & pull developing their motor skills (gross and fine) and spatial relationships. Enhance your baby’s vocabulary development and word building- eg stripey giraffe, blue dog, soft ribbons etc.
The wrist rattles attach with simple Velcro, so they are easy to put on and remove. Both wrist bands and socks are made with non-toxic and odourless cotton and polyester, safe for babies’ delicate skin.
There are 2 different sets of bright and bold friendly animal designs- Giraffe & Zebra, Cow & Dog. They can be worn alone or over socks for a snugger fit.
Baby socks one size will fit most babies and as your child outgrows them they will make great hand puppets!
Age Range-      birth to approx 8 months.
Dimensions-    Wrist band : approx 15cm ( to fit a baby’s wrist up to 13cm); Sock :    approx 14 x 6.5 cm (to fit a baby’s foot up to 10cm long, ankle circumference up to 12cm)
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