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BUMSIES™ Boho Dreamcatcher

BUMSIES™ Boho Dreamcatcher

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BUMSIES™ are a leakproof nappy cover that will prevent nappy leaks and poo explosions from escaping the nappy onto buggies, car seats, bed sheets etc.

These are worn over nappies, like underwear, to provide an extra layer of protection against any leakages and poonamis every parent has experienced at the most unexpected times! 

Boho Dreamcatcher  BUMSIES™ feature a stunning pastel pattern for your little one, with an adorable frill that wraps right around the  BUMSIES™ and we even added the extra detail of a bow at the front.

With the beautiful design, they can also be worn as an outer layer of clothing.

Sizing Guidelines

Bumsies will fit on babies with a waist circumference of 42-52cm

There are no returns on Bumsies.


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