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How to use the Nail Snail


  1. Start with having your child’s fingers or toes pointing away from you. Having them sitting in your lap or cradled in your elbow allows for this. 
  2. Using the Nail Snail® tail, gently clean under each nail. By removing any debris and grime, you have better visibility of the excess nail you need to trim. It also helps to separate the nail from the skin, as often the nail can lay very flat to the skin
  3. Holding the shell of the Nail Snail®, with the eye prongs facing away from you, place the base of the metal V-shaped blade against the edge of the nail.
  4. Carefully catching the edge of the nail, move the blade forward slowly, following the curve of the fingernail.
  5. Using the same technique, trim straight across the toenails.
  6. Finish the task by gently smoothing off any rough edges with the nail file. 

If you would prefer to practice beforehand, try using your Nail Snail® on a thin piece of cardboard to get used to how it feels and how much force is required. Familarity with Nail Snail will build up your confidence. 


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